About Voices of the Void:

Voices of the Void is a blog dedicated to all of my fictional writing in the gaming world. I wanted a place where I could keep all of my short stories, journal entries, and the like together for all of the different games I play.

Some of these entries will be cross-posted over on InitiativeTabletop.com (my tabletop gaming news/reviews site), though some entries will be purely fiction that I propose to keep separate.

About Raine:

I’ve been writing for most of my adult life. I’ve not yet published any work aside from my journal/editorial pieces for GamerFront and Initiative : Tabletop. Growing up I realized I had a way with words and I have long-since loved immersing myself in the fiction of gaming, science fiction, and fantasy. I’ve written small entries here and there, though they haven’t been kept together until now.

I consider myself a big nerd and have been one ever since I can remember. I often find myself musing in the worlds of Battlestar Galactica, Bioshock, Dead Space, Shadows of Brimstone, Golem Arcana, and more. Writing is a way for me to extend these already amazing worlds and do what I love. In order to break away from the editorial side of things I created Voices of the Void to shed light on my writing skills in a different way.

You can see some of my published work on:

Initiative : Tabletop

You can contact me via email at: raine.hutchens@gmail.com


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